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 I would not expect every student to be able to produce a home energy bill for this lesson. I would estimate around four or five students in every class of my eighth grade were unable to get the data. Be sure to have a sample bill that you can share for those students. Also anticipate that for families who rents their home, the utilities may be included in their monthly bill and they may or may not have access to some of the utility information. Also be aware of the sensitivity that some families may not feel comfortable sharing this data. I am very transparent with my families and my students  that the purpose of this lesson is to learn how to read and interpret the data on utility bills and use that to make informed decisions.

  Obtaining Data
  Parent Communication: Obtaining Data
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Energy Habits: Home Energy Audit

Unit 5: Energy: Where we get it and how we use it.
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Objective: SWBAT read electric and heating bills, and make equivalences between the two.

Big Idea: This lesson lays down the basics for a home energy audit.

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