Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge DNA Desserts - Section 2: Direct Instruction - Breaking Down Our DNA Desserts


For this laboratory activity, students will watch a video to model the activity before they have the opportunity to participate in the experiment.  Students are able to visualize the multiple steps of the lab activity before they are put under the pressure to complete it "for real".  My students seemed to appreciate the extra layer of preparation and I found that the lab went much smoother with few student errors due to this additional visual explanation.  So if you have the time to create videos of your lab activities, just know your students will learn from your efforts and can review these clips as they prepare for future assessments!

  Prepping A Lab
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Prepping A Lab
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DNA Desserts

Unit 7: DNA and Protein Synthesis
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT isolate DNA in an effort to support student understanding of the structure and function of DNA, as well as how the structure of DNA relates to the structure of proteins.

Big Idea: Students experience the sweet success of DNA extraction

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