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Math becomes so much more meaningful to students when it is used in the service of completing an important, real world task - and students see inquiry science as a real world task!

It is difficult to achieve vertical alignment of Mathematics and Science when you have assigned curriculum.  I understand the rationale for this - and the benefits.  I am just pleased when the happy circumstance occurs that the two intersect.  It allows me to provide more meaningful instruction to my students.

For example, in this Video Clip I am assisting a student in applying a strategy that was recently taught about decimal placement.  It is my observation that when students have opportunities to apply mathematics skills in meaningful contexts, less re-teaching has to occur.  Students remember skills better when they have the chance to apply them.

  Vertical Alignment: Integrating Mathematics & Science
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Plaid Pete's At Home in the Hydrosphere!

Unit 4: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT describe the distribution of water on Earth, and the role of water in Earth's processes.

Big Idea: How is water distributed on Earth? How do waves interact with the geosphere? Students construct a pie chart and investigate wave action.

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