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I have found that the more complex or abstract concepts in Biology need to be broken down into smaller, simpler segments to improve student comprehension.  In order to assist student understanding, the student study guide was created so that students could follow the processes of DNA replication, then transcription, and finally translation into amino acids.  The chart strategy enabled students to see the simplified explanation of each process side-by-side to identify similarities and differences between the three processes.  Students expressed their appreciation of this activity as it assisted in their understanding of the content and preparation for the assessment.

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Protein Synthesis Made Simple

Unit 7: DNA and Protein Synthesis
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT follow the processes of DNA transcription and translation as they relate to creation of a specific protein.

Big Idea: Protein synthesis does not have to be intimidating or boring. This lesson simplifies the process of transcription and translation to make proteins relevant and interesting to your students!

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