Reflection: Rigor Energy Transformed 1: How Energy Transfers - Section 4: Explain


I really like this lesson because it helps kids to think for themselves. You can see this during the lesson as students worked to create meaning, build a mental model, and communicate the various parts of that model and how they see energy moving through it.  One idea to connect this lesson with the previous lesson (Energy Cards)  is to change out the images with the same images used in the Energy Card activity.  Students then are using the same models to build their understanding from.

  Digging into a model - pushing student thinking
  Rigor: Digging into a model - pushing student thinking
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Energy Transformed 1: How Energy Transfers

Unit 5: Energy: Where we get it and how we use it.
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Objective: SWBAT identify types of energy and ways in which energy transforms.

Big Idea: Students build off of their initial ideas of forms and types of energy to explain how energy transfers form.

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