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Clearly, providing students with an opportunity to see a test text early opens the door for cheating. I can control the topic of discussion, but what if students try to do more? What if they try to look up the text on their own and find the "answers" to the skills test?

Management is critical here. I make students clear their desks completely for the duration of our reading--no chance to write down the text for study at home later. The classroom is silent except for discussion times, and then, only one person talks at a time. (This is routine for discussion anyway--no surprises.)

Most importantly, and really not even planned on my part, the text is an excerpt from a lengthier essay. It would be awfully difficult to track down the exact paragraphs at home.

These security measures help ensure test accuracy while still allowing students to have a thorough understanding of the text they are analyzing.

  Managing a "Sneak Peak"
  Managing a "Sneak Peak"
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Reading for the Test

Unit 5: Finding and Evaluating Claim and Evidence in Informational Texts
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: Students will be able to determine central ideas and word meanings by reading and discussing a short Revolutionary text.

Big Idea: Ready, set, discuss--preparing for a skills test.

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English / Language Arts, Revolutionary literature, claim, central ideas, discussions
  45 minutes
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