Reflection: Students with Disabilities Arthropods: What Are They? - Section 3: Classify and Sort


Students with special needs need to practice using their notes and learning how they can be used to help their understanding. Students check their notes and learn how to read them to inform them further. This activity of using notes as clues helps students to look back and use their notes as a strategy. Drawing allows the notes to come to life and be real so that further connections can be drawn. 

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  Students with Disabilities: Clues to Pictures
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Arthropods: What Are They?

Unit 7: Life Science
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT create a graphic organizer to help them understand some of the types of arthropods and their characteristics including their structures.

Big Idea: Students are more familiar with arthropods than they realize, in this lesson students practice note taking while also learning about their characteristics and structures.

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Science, Classification Systems, structural features, Arthropods, life science
  25 minutes
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