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The students were tremendously excited about the fog and I was equally thrilled to share it with them, as it's a type of weather I experienced as a child and they have not.  While we have been talking about typical weather in given climates, most usually ours, I had not thought much about atypical weather until this day.  It was a perfect opportunity for them to experience something unusual while making the personal connection that something that happens rarely is not characteristic.  We'd had this conversation about snow, which they have all seen once in their life in the city of Tucson.  It is not impossible, but it is very unusual.  It is not typical weather for a semi-arid climate.  There is so much general confusion about weather and climate and it is an issue that they will be contending with for their entire life so I was thrilled to have a hands-on opportunity to give them an experience they could connect to personally, which lead to greater student ownership of the explanatory brochures they made afterwards.  

  Seizing the Moment
  Student Ownership: Seizing the Moment
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Fog Fun -Seizing an Opportunity to Learn About Uncharacteristic Weather

Unit 5: Climate
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Objective: SWBAT make firsthand observations about weather that is atypical of their climate, and then extend that knowledge to climates where the weather is more common.

Big Idea: Take advantage of unusual moments to engage your students in meaningful learning!

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