Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Day Two of Alana Explains the Atmosphere - Section 4: Reflection & Closure


One of the areas my students really struggle with this year is analyzing and communicating about data.  This investigation provided a great opportunity to practice this skill.  In Math class on a day following this investigation, we created line graphs of the data we collected during the Uneven Heating Experiment.

Then, I gave students a set of Plaid Pete's - Data Analysis Cards.  Working in their teams, students used these stems to create statements to describe their data.  They wrote 2 statements on whiteboards and presented them to the class.

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Analyzing & Communicating Data
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Day Two of Alana Explains the Atmosphere

Unit 4: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT describe how winds in the atmosphere interact with landforms to determine patterns of weather.

Big Idea: How is wind created? Students engage in a series of wind labs that will assist them in understanding wind formation in the atmosphere.

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