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This is a great type of activity to easily differentiate in a respectful manner. Simply choose resources that are at a variety of levels and then assign the resources to specific students in the group.  For example in this activity, the Strange Beauty of Salt Mines reading is a more accessible reading involving a slideshow of pictures showing different mines around the world. Students that might have reading challenges can still decode this text. Also, they get to have the experience of being an expert when they return to the original group. Done correctly, students don't even realize there was a method to the reading choices.

  Intervention and Extension: Differentiation
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Separating Mixture: Reteach/Extend

Unit 9: Mixtures: Separating Mixtures
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Objective: Students will be able to understand some of the background information about salt harvesting and the lives of the people that mine salt.

Big Idea: Investigate jobs and lives that focus on separation.

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