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As good teachers, we are always assessing everything we say and do. We assess growth and our lessons and whether every moment spent has a learning goal. Sometimes these learning goals are experiences. The woods that day seemed to ground us into staying there rather going in and getting busy with writing or other assessable tasks. I followed my instinct. In that time, I heard more about appreciation for life, both about the memories, why we have memorials, and about the daffodil. I learned that they don't have experiences like these very often if at all. These are the experiences help them grow in directions which create citizens who will want to stand up for environmental protection. NGSS standards help with the depth behind this as well as create a ladder for expanding the knowledge. The walk today will be remembered. No doubt. It was good to take the time.

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Daffodil Walk

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
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Objective: Students identify specialized external parts of a daffodil and observe it in its environment.

Big Idea: We take a walk to enjoy and observe the blooming daffodils we had planted the fall before to further our understanding of how this beautiful plant grows and survives a cold Wisconsin winter.

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