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To make the connections to the woods and the bulbs I forced bulbs earlier in the spring. This allowed them to see the root systems and provided a blooming bulb for us to dissect along with the daffodil in tomorrow's lesson. Students really enjoyed watching the new bulb bloom in our classroom and anticipated the walk by simply having it as a reminder of the upcoming event.

I wasn't sure I could get them to bloom in time. I simply set them in gravel in a container and watered them. That way the whole bulb was exposed. I had done this with Paper White Narcissus in the past and it did work for the daffodils!

  Lesson Planning: Prep Ahead
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Daffodil Walk

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
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Objective: Students identify specialized external parts of a daffodil and observe it in its environment.

Big Idea: We take a walk to enjoy and observe the blooming daffodils we had planted the fall before to further our understanding of how this beautiful plant grows and survives a cold Wisconsin winter.

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