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Arbor Day, a local garden club or Master Gardener's group and kids are a great combination! It is a perfect time to invite one of these groups to come in and present knowledge, or in our case, a tree to plant. Most states have programs where you can apply for free saplings. Often, it's the state tree that they provide. Our state tree is the Sugar Maple. Our state, however, provides white pine saplings. 

Our local garden club group always comes in and reads to our students. I have found that those who volunteer to read aloud to the students are often nervous and think that good collaboration between teachers and those leaders from the club makes the experience for all, better.

Because of privacy, I have not provided photos of them, but have included reading resources about Arbor Day so you can plan a lesson revolving around this important holiday. The experience of having real people from the community far surpasses any video about the holiday and it makes that important connection between school and community. Next year, I will meet with those in charge of the club and communicate the standard to them so they can understand how important this event is in the lives of the learners in their audience.

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Conifers and Arbor Day

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
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Objective: Students will be able to understand the external structures of conifers.

Big Idea: After receiving their own pine tree, students learn about conifers and understand why Arbor Day came about.

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Science, plants, Processes (Construction), conifers, school/community connections, planting trees, research, arbor day, technology, Language Arts, structures, bees
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