Reflection: Relevance Conifers and Arbor Day - Section 4: Closing and Assignment


This assignment had two purposes. It was a reflection of what students had learned, but also creates a record of planting a tree. I like Story Kit because it has a link that can be kept. That way, when they measure their tree next year, they can look back on its history. They can add to the story by editing it. It's great! I would have liked to have seen more detailed information, but it seems my students were really excited about just having a new tree to plant! My assessment of the standard really was gained in the closing when we listed the external parts of the conifer.

It Grew!

MY Pine Tree

Pine Tree


LA Standards Mastery: It is evident that students need to be reminded about re-reading and making sure all publications are accurate prior to submitting them. I will work with students to edit their assignments during a writer's workshop time.

Students also shared their photos on my email that evening, almost as soon as they got home. Some were planted in a pot  or they planted the tree in the ground. A few had simply placed them in water in a jar until they could decide what to do. One student shared an extended activity that she read off of the website. This website inspired her to feed the birds! Peanut butter for birds on bagels were enjoyed at her house! 

I was really happy with their follow through and enthusiasm for planting their trees, learning more about conifers and extending themselves a little bit more to connect themselves with the outdoors!

  Relevance: Story Kit for Record Keeping
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Conifers and Arbor Day

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to understand the external structures of conifers.

Big Idea: After receiving their own pine tree, students learn about conifers and understand why Arbor Day came about.

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Science, plants, Processes (Construction), conifers, school/community connections, planting trees, research, arbor day, technology, Language Arts, structures, bees
  60 minutes
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