Reflection: Accountability Fox and Quail - Section 5: Reflect and Connect


The Reflect and Connect strategy was used to help students gain understanding and reinforce the idea that a game was a learning process. It re-defined the purpose, centered the knowledge, harnessed the knowledge to connect it to the standard. It gave them accountability. 

I brought them inside specifically to get them focused. Talking about the lesson outdoors presented too many distractions with both the idea that outdoors means play and the outdoor sounds. The classroom represents focus and learning to them. So, the conversation was rich with reflection and therefore they could connect the real life experience to understanding. I focused the question purposely on the change and what they noticed. Because of flexibility and response in the lesson, this part could have been much different had I not changed things up. And, I am not sure it would have been as successful. 

  Reflect and Connect
  Accountability: Reflect and Connect
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Fox and Quail

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: Students demonstrate how specialized structures of animals help them survive.

Big Idea: In this great outdoor game, students play the role of animals as they model a predator prey situation and then reflect and connect on their learning.

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Science, Outdoor activity, Role Play, adaptation, predator prey, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
  60 minutes
predator prey
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