Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Earth's Changes--Creating a Multimedia Presentation part 3 - Section 4: Create!


Kids love technology.  We always have to remember, that they are natives to the world of technology.  They loved every part of this project, but the best part for them was creating the presentation.  Their keyboarding skills are pretty primary, but they are learning.  They loved choosing the photos and learning how to insert them.  

Several of the children went home and created their own presentations about topics of their interests.  For example, a student made a presentation about animals and another made one about cats.  Here's the best part though--one of my lower achieving students had a teeny-tiny notebook.  During any free moment during the last couple of weeks he has been gathering information about the same Earth changes that we have been studying about.  So adorable!  Then he went home and made his own presentation about Earth's changes.  His mom was so proud of him, but she said she had a hard time not correcting his mistakes, but let it go since he was so proud of his work.  It was so fulfilling to have motivated a child like that to perform to his best capabilities.  He did a fantastic job!  It is so wonderful so see what children can accomplish when they have the drive to do so.

Of course, we showed their presentations off with the other students.  You know if a child takes what they have learned in class and applies it to something that interests them, that a lot of learning must have taken place.  They were so motivated and learned so much!  This project is time-consuming, but well worth the time invested!

  Technology is Motivating!
  Intrinsic Motivation: Technology is Motivating!
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Earth's Changes--Creating a Multimedia Presentation part 3

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT create a media presentation about information learned.

Big Idea: We have organized our notes and information about the quick and slow changes of the Earth. Now it's time to create our very own presentations to share our information!

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