Reflection: Journaling Earth's Changes--Creating a Multimedia Presentation part 3 - Section 3: Model


Google Slides is the perfect complement for working together as partner teams.  It is set up so both children can keyboard the same report at the same time.  If you chose to do Powerpoint, the set-up will not be the same.  One person would have to sit while the other keyboarded or they both could type on a separate document and the teacher would have to combine their work later.  The last way could get pretty complicated.  So the easier, most effective presentation format would be Google Slides.  Also, the children never have to save, since it automatically saves the work for you.  

Of course, it is always good to know how to retrieve information that the children have accidently deleted.  Control Z is the BEST command to know, since it undoes their last move!  I did end up using that command several times during this project!  But in the end, no work was lost and everyone was a happy camper!

  Using Google Slides--the Perfect Complement to Collaboration
  Journaling: Using Google Slides--the Perfect Complement to Collaboration
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Earth's Changes--Creating a Multimedia Presentation part 3

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT create a media presentation about information learned.

Big Idea: We have organized our notes and information about the quick and slow changes of the Earth. Now it's time to create our very own presentations to share our information!

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