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Why do I like structured reading so much?  Why don't I just send readings home at night as homework or tell the students what the readings said?

Well... I used to do both of those things and what I found is that students do not come to middle school knowing how to decode a non-fiction text.  Or at least my students don't!  They need the structure, pushing, and class time to realize that they are going to need to be able to read and comprehend a text.  My students couldn't or wouldn't go home and work rigorously to decode a text.  It just wasn't that important to them.  They might skim it.  They might be able to answer questions about it.  But they wouldn't dig in deeply.  This meant that at the end of the year, while their science content may have grown, they had made little growth in reading.  In order to make growth in reading you have to read rigorously.  

  Why Structured Reading?
  Rigor: Why Structured Reading?
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Separating Mixtures: Direct Instruction

Unit 9: Mixtures: Separating Mixtures
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze the reasoning behind using waste water for drinking water and the safety of this choice.

Big Idea: Would you drink toilet water?

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