Reflection: Student Ownership Under the Ground - Section 4: Where Should We Plant


Bringing in a "real" scientist to work with the students is a way to get students excited about what science really is. The students all wanted a turn to turn the auger, and to remove the dirt from it. What was even more exciting was when we returned to the classroom with the dirt samples. students wanted to study them with a magnifying glass. 

Before deciding where to plant, they wanted to show each other all that was in the ground in each location. They not only shared why we should plant in one location verses another, but they also went over to the samples and picked up evidence of too many rocks, old seed pods, bits of other roots as evidence as to why a certain spot was better for plants than the others. 

Students went beyond what I asked, and really took ownership of the project as they studied, analyzed and then used their evidence to defend their choice of planting site.

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  Student Ownership: Real Life Science
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Under the Ground

Unit 6: How Does It Grow
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain what is under the ground that helps plants to grow

Big Idea: The earth is made up of many layers. These layers contribute to how plants may grow.

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