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During the past few units, I have been working to integrate elements of a Design Challenge in many of my assessments.  I do this for two reasons- deeper level thinking and real life connections.  As I stated above, a fill in the blank may be an appropriate assessment in certain circumstances, large classes for example.  They are easier to quickly grade.  Design Challenges take the same thinking and assess the students individually.  While they still may be “right” and “wrong” answers, the forms they take can and should look different in every student.  This is useful because it invites (I almost wrote ‘forces’..which gives the students a very different motivation!) students to think in a unique way and apply this thinking in a way that makes sense to them.  Design Challenges also address the real life applications that need solutions.  In this case, we designed a shade structure for a plant.  When nature can’t do this, we have to help.  This connects the material to a significant and in their future.  And that’s the whole point of education, right?

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Some Sun!-Assessment

Unit 14: Some Sun!
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: Students will create a diagram to demonstrate ways to use sun.

Big Idea: Why is sun important?

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Science, Science Skills, sun, ELL, sunlight
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