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I’ve really been looking forward to these last few units.  Up to that point, it’s been all about learning that is applied on it’s own.  Now, the units are beginning to spiral content and build upon each other.  Each unit adds knowledge that helps us learn more about the next curricular area.  The beauty of this type of structure is that we can now begin to connect these units to a greater good and make it matter. 

Today, we touched upon the idea that we were stewards of the earth.  We are here to help the plants survive.  When I build these units, I’m always thinking about ways to connect them together.  Like a puzzle, each piece can be interesting on it’s own, though the interlocking connection creates a deeper picture.  Ultimately, the students themselves are the ones who build (literally) relevance and importance into their learning.  Stewardship is relevant to our world, and this relevance is an essential issue to address as we build a strong base of knowledge.  The ultimate benefit no longer comes from us, more through us..and that can be the greatest lesson of all. 

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Some Sun!- Too Much Sun

Unit 14: Some Sun!
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will design and build a structure to protect plants from effects of sun.

Big Idea: How can the sun hurt certain plants?

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Science, Science Skills, sun, engineering, sunlight
  30 minutes
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