Reflection: Student Grouping Le Chatelier's Principle Additional Practice - Section 3: Elaborate


This is a great activity where students have the chance to work with a partner to come up with their answers.  By doing this students who are understanding the material are able to help those that are still confused.  In this video clip you can see the students working together to try to determine the direction in which the equilibrium will shift. 

  Student Grouping: Partner Practice Helps all Students to Learn
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Le Chatelier's Principle Additional Practice

Unit 8: Unit 9: Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to explain how a system in equilibrium shifts when a stress is applied by performing partner practice and a quiz.

Big Idea: Le Chatelier's Principle can be used to determine the direction in which an equilibrium system shifts when a stress is applied.

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Science, Chemistry, Reaction Rates and Equilibrium, equilibrium, Le Chatelier's Principle
  45 minutes
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