Reflection: Checks for Understanding Why doesn't the Earth fly off into space? - Section 4: Elaborate and Evaluate


This note taking strategy is commonly used by teachers and for a good reason. 

I like to show a lot of science videos to my students from different resources and they enjoy watching them. I use the 3-2-1 strategy because it gives them a focus for watching the video and allows me to assess whether or not they understood what was happening in it. It also allows me to find out what the students may be interested in learning more about and gives us discussion items for cooperative learning. 

These notes most often include the following: 3 things the students learned, 2 things that they find interesting, and 1 question they have.  I will usually make note of the questions that the students have, since these might come up later in other lessons. If we don't come across the answers in later lessons, I have the students take some time to research the questions on their own. 

I also can use the notes for assessment since I can check for any misconceptions they may have or whether they understood what the video was about.


  3-2-1 Notes
  Checks for Understanding: 3-2-1 Notes
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Why doesn't the Earth fly off into space?

Unit 3: Gravity
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT describe why the Earth stays in orbit around the Sun.

Big Idea: Gravity is the force that keeps the planets in orbit around the Sun and the Moon orbiting around the Earth.

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