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Summarizing a lesson in a clear manner is very important for ELL students. Those who are struggling with the language invest a lot of time and energy to trying to figure out what is being said or read. Even the more advanced ELLs are continually stumbling upon a term, a phrase, something the teacher said, or some text in the book, that they do not comprehend. This, added to the task of learning the math concepts can frustrating. Many times these student don't show their frustruation or their doubts. So during closure, I want ELL students to understand what the important aspects, or highlights of the lesson were. I make sure I write what the students are saying in the "Now I know" part, and leave these on the board to be copied. I may just take a look at a particular ELL student after a response and ask..."did you get that Rene?" "Please copy the conclusions". ELLs always appreciate this attention. 


  Clear Endings for ELL students
  ELL Students: Clear Endings for ELL students
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Are Absolute Value Functions Linear?

Unit 8: Advanced Equations and Functions
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT qualitatively understand the relationship between a linear and an absolute value function.

Big Idea: Is an Absolute Value function linear or non-linear? Students explore and explain their reasoning.

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Math, function, Linear function, graphing, Absolute Value, ELL, Domain, Range,
  55 minutes
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