Reflection: Performance Tasks Energy Transformation Project - Day 3 - Section 2: Presentations on Energy Transformations


I found the rubric fairly easy to use while student groups gave their presentations. Rather than have a description for each possible grade in each area, the basic project requirements are described. If I see any issues for a specific area, then I can mark my concerns on the left side, as seen on the first example in Student work and rubric scores (download the PDF to see the full sample). If I see areas of excellence or where they exceed expectations, I make comments on the right side of that area. 

I like the flexibility that this style rubric gives. Often, a rubric that pre-defines all possible points is limiting as there are problems or commendations with actual student work that were not considered when making the rubric.

  Performance Tasks: Reflection on Student Work
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Energy Transformation Project - Day 3

Unit 3: Energy
Lesson 15 of 16

Objective: From the center of the sun to you and me, students research the types of energy and energy transformations that occur.

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