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This lesson was fun for all of us..for a few reasons. Children at this age are naturally curious if we let them be (and we always want to let them be curious)! It’s just fun to explore nature. Adding the investigation piece allowed our students to really see nature’s engineering. It’s not just man that can create structures to protect plants from the effects of sun. Nature often does this all by itself.  Think about it. How many times have we lifted up the leaves of a plant, only to discover more plants thriving underneath? Essentially, nature has built a computer into each and every plant that tells it what it needs to survive. Consequently, we find them exactly where they need to be. With this lesson, I had a goal of introducing this engineering concept to the students. When man intervenes, nature’s plan can be disturbed. Often, nature doesn’t need us to build a structure to protect plants form the sun’s effects, it just needs us to leave it alone so it can take care of itself. 

  Nature is Our First Classroom
  Real World Applications: Nature is Our First Classroom
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Some Sun!-Sun or Shade

Unit 14: Some Sun!
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: Students will investigate areas where plants can grow best.

Big Idea: Why do plants need sunlight?

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  35 minutes
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