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Fabric, like paper, is a material with numerous applications. By it's nature, it's relevant to their every day lives. So how can we help our students use this new knowledge? In this age of STEM (and believe me, I teach at a STEM school so I’m all over that!), it’s important to highlight the ways that these lessons can be practically applied to provide them with life skills. Take fabric, for example. In this unit, we taught them about the production of cotton fabric and ways that it is applied in our environment. In reality, this can be an important part of their every day life skills. Need to buy clothing? Sew a hem? Create a (simple!) quilt? They need lessons that provide a practical background of these materials, roll up their sleeves, and put this material to good use! Like wood and paper, it’s important to provide our students with lessons and skills that connect them to ways they can use every day. This knowledge helps them stay connected to the real world...and the people who work in it. 

  Life Skills from Science
  Coherence: Life Skills from Science
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Funny Fabric-Assessment

Unit 13: Funny Fabric
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: Students will create a diagram of a real world application for fabric.

Big Idea: Why is fabric important?

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