Reflection: Adaptive Technology The Doppler Effect - Section 1: Context & Equipment Needs


Even though Doppler Balls aren't expensive, they might not be available when needed for a lesson. The great thing with technology is that there are so many options out there to supplement instruction with the click of a mouse. A video of a passing fire engine is something that can easily show the Doppler Effect in the real world. Also, this video uses a car horn, and is another good demonstration of the Doppler Effect. 

And, if showing a video isn't an option, students always revel in the opportunity for a field trip: even if it's just down to the parking lot to watch the principal drive by and honk her horn!

  What if I don't have a Doppler Ball?
  Adaptive Technology: What if I don't have a Doppler Ball?
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The Doppler Effect

Unit 8: Sound Waves
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will quantitatively and qualitatively define the Doppler effect.

Big Idea: Students continue to roll through this unit of sound when the see a Doppler Ball and define the Doppler effect in terms of frequency and movement of the observer.

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