Reflection: Lesson Planning Emergency Preparedness (Hurricane Sandy Study) [Day 2/2] - Section 4: Policy Memo


As you can see from the policy memo template provided above, I don't actually give them a ton of space to summarize all of their thinking. In effect, similar to my reflection on the previous day, I think it's important that students have the challenge of selecting what they feel is the most pertinent or relevant information. Additionally, an important factor of the Regents examination they take at the end of each year is, in the free response section, they tend to ramble and expound upon ideas when asked for reasoning or explanations. Frankly, they don't have to do that. The Regents prizes both directness and clarity, so in a nod to that skill, I want their policy memo to be brief and to the point (as most of us in the real-world can attest to - brevity and directness are two key skills in writing effectively), and don't want them writing multi-paragraph responses - they need to be able to quickly draft out what they need to say and communicate it effectively in a short period of time - exactly what this assignment asks them to do. 

  Writing - Quantity or Quality?
  Lesson Planning: Writing - Quantity or Quality?
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Emergency Preparedness (Hurricane Sandy Study) [Day 2/2]

Unit 6: Climate & Human Impact
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create a poster presentation and “draft memo” which analyzes the effectiveness of and recommends various safety measures for an impending hurricane in NYC (2 days)

Big Idea: In this two day, hands-on, research-based lesson, students get the chance to research some effective strategies to prepare for an impending hurricane in New York City. They'll use the experience of Hurricane Sandy as a "live" case study to create a poster.

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