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I like this assignment because it is a great way for students to look back over the body of work that they have done over the course of the year and recognize just how much they have learned.  I encourage them to complete the project without looking through their notes as much as possible.  Using their own recall helps them to build confidence about the learning they now possess. Because this is an assignment that usually precedes standardized testing, I find this aspect of the assignment extremely beneficial.

Students are able to self-assess their body of knowledge and determine how much time they will need to to spend reviewing concepts before taking a traditional "paper and pencil" test.  This activity also provides students  an opportunity to review concepts in preparation for an assessment.

  Self-Talk: Self-reflection
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A,B,C's of Biology

Unit 4: Unit 5- Biology Basics
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will demonstrate their cumulative knowledge of biological concepts using writing and technology skills.

Big Idea: Writing assignments are an effective way to assess student’s understanding of biological concepts.

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Science, Writing, Vocabulary, technology, summative assessment, vocabulary acquisition
  50 minutes
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