Reflection: High Quality Task Choice, Collaboration, and Developing an Assessment - Section 2: Collaboration


Developing their own test sends a message to students that their opinions about their own knowledge matters. It is a high quality task for students. It also lends a level of trust both for the teacher and the teams.

I like how it allows a teacher time to listen and assess how well the lessons or unit was guided. Inquiry science reveals so much to me about my teaching. As I listened, I heard wonderful reflections about their data and hard work at applying their knowledge to the standard. The connections were clear to them. The test should be very successful for everyone, no matter what level of learner. 

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Choice, Collaboration, and Developing an Assessment

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will use resources to help prepare for their science exam on specialized parts of plants.

Big Idea: Today we develop strategies to study for a science exam. Expectations and resources are studied to prepare for mastering the standard on plants.

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Science, Collaboration Strategies, plants, Processes (Construction), summary, student accountability, developing tests, choice, developing questions, structures, bees
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