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This was my first time doing a water quality lab and I am generally pleased with how it went.  Students were engaged in the activity and the majority of students understood how they were actually testing the quality of the rainwater in the area and the tap water from the school.  

I felt strongly about having students physically test water samples; however, many of the labs I found called for the use of water testing kits.  With a stockroom full of chemicals, I felt that it was not necessary for me to go out and purchase kits so wanted to find tests that I could easily do with chemicals I already had.   Therefore, I would have liked to have tested for some more substances, but did not have the necessary materials.

In terms of water samples, I had students test the tap water from my classroom and rainwater which I collected outside my classroom.  The students did not find much of a difference in the samples as that the rainwater was surprisingly clean.  I think that in future years I will use more samples with water from the ocean and possibly from one of the nearby rivers or lakes. 

  Performing a water quality lab for the first time
  Real World Applications: Performing a water quality lab for the first time
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Water Quality Testing

Unit 7: Unit 8: Water Quality
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Objective: Student will be able to explain why it is important to understand water quality and how to test various aspects of water through reading and article and performing a lab activity.

Big Idea: Scientists have many ways to test water quality to ensure that it is clean and safe to drink.

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