Reflection: High Expectations Constructing an Explanation of Momentum - Section 4: Creating an Infographic on Momentum


We have been learning about the best practices for studying and learning physics for several weeks and have created several types of visuals earlier in the semester. I decided that it was time to give students another way to communicate detailed information about a topic. I thought this would be an easy task since students already knew how to compose a visual, the only thing that was different was the tool that was being used.

I projected an example infographic at the front of room, and had the entire class follow along, I noticed that some students were not following along on their Chrome books. They kept asking me if it would be ok to create an infographic by hand. Since I value the concepts of student choice and shared authority, I modified the activity to include infographics crafted by hand as well. This ability to control the work product allows students to demonstrate their understanding of the information they obtained in a way that students consider both accessible and meaningful.

  Creating Visuals According to Student Strengths
  High Expectations: Creating Visuals According to Student Strengths
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Constructing an Explanation of Momentum

Unit 6: Momentum
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: Students will use a close reading strategy to create infographics of real-world scenarios involving momentum.

Big Idea: Impulse is the change in momentum.

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