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I love using "Stop and Jots" on Post-It Notes as a formative assessment.  I usually give my students a sentence stem like, "Wow I didn't know . . ." 

This type of sentence stem helps me to determine if new learning is occurring.  I can also use it to manage the classroom and help hold students accountable.  I do this by saying, "I am going to provide some information to you and when I am finished, I will ask you to stop and jot something new that you have learned.  Be on the lookout for new information!"   Then, my students know I am going to hold them accountable for the instruction and they had better pay attention!

  Stop and Jot
  Checks for Understanding: Stop and Jot
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Plaid Pete Has Rocks In His Head!

Unit 4: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT use a model to describe how the rock cycle is a result of the interaction of the geosphere and at least one other Earth System.

Big Idea: What is the rock cycle? How are Earth's Systems involved in the process? Students construct model rocks in order to understand the process of how they are formed, and the interaction of the geosphere with Earth's other systems.

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