Reflection: Trust and Respect The Monster Mash - Section 4: Guided Practice - Manufacturing Menacing Monsters


Students love to compete!  In order to maximize student interest in this lesson, they will voluntarily enter their newly created monster "baby" in our class beauty contest.  This competition allows an opportunity for students to show off their artistic talents while displaying their knowledge of genetics.  Plus, the students have a great time . . . especially the lucky student who is crowned "Beauty Queen" of the class!

  A Little Competition
  Trust and Respect: A Little Competition
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The Monster Mash

Unit 7: DNA and Protein Synthesis
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT apply the concepts of DNA transcription and translation to determine how the structure of DNA will determine the structure of proteins through hands-on student activities.

Big Idea: Don't be afraid of this lesson where monsters come to life as a result of student effort in transcription and translation! Time to turn scary into smart and get your students excited about DNA!

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