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This is a nice video that I found after I taught this lesson.  Its an overview of the kinds of transitions that readers use and will help the kids understand how connecting helps us understand better. I think the lesson would have been stronger to give the students an overview of the reading strategy so they could realize the ways they can use this skill.

Since connecting is explicitly in the Common Core standards, I've had to rethink how I teach this skill.  I used to teach connection as a reading strategy alone, but I never linked it to character's point of view.  Now, when I teach these lessons with the Standards in mind, I realize it makes good sense to work on strategies while addressing the other skills in the Common Core.

  Give a connecting overview and use this link
  Flexibility: Give a connecting overview and use this link
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'I Know! I Know!' Connect to the Text and Share Your Perspective!

Unit 4: Connecting with Key Details and Theme
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Objective: SWBAT connect to the text by evaluating the characters’ point of view and using a unique voice when reading the connections.

Big Idea: Raise you hand and say, “I know!” when you connect to the text and state your point of view!

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Special Education, Literature, theme (Reading Comp), Fictional Literature, 2nd Grade, Reading Strategies, Connecting, point of view, voice, plot, key details
  45 minutes
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