Reflection: ELL Students Mendelian Genetics - Introduction to Punnett Squares - Section 3: Guided Practice


The use of visuals is a ELL strategy that I always keep handy in my toolbox.  Pictures, media, demonstrations, and realia are essential learning tools that all students need at one level or another, but in the case of ELL learners its an essential part of learning.  I can't think of one unit that I teach that comes with as much new vocabulary than Genetics.  Honestly this unit is to some degree like teaching a foreign language.  As a teacher I need to find a myriad of ways to not just introduce but to reinforce the daunting vocabulary words.  The mastery of these new vocabulary terms is a prerequisite for all learning that comes after, in this case completing Punnett Square problems. 

In combination with text-based sources I incorporate many visual learning tools.  For example using a PowerPoint with a myriad of colors, pictures, tables, and transitions allows students to visually see the meaning of vocabulary words. Using colorful representations, such as the Incredible Hulk and Sponge Bob to represent respectively Dominant and Recessive has saved me from many headaches. Here's a detailed explanation of the use of the PowerPoint.

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Mendelian Genetics - Introduction to Punnett Squares

Unit 6: Inheritance and Variation
Lesson 17 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use Punnett squares to predict genotype and phenotype of offspring in genetic crosses.

Big Idea: Introduction to use of Punnett squares.

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use a punnett square to do a monohybrid cross step 5
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