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One challenging aspect of today's work was to write the parametric equations of a circle. As you can see in this image, some students thought that you could simply solve the rectangular equation for x and y to get two parametric equations. The t variable was missing so there would be nothing to plug in to these.

Seeing the connection between the parametric equations and the unit circle was not obvious to most students. During our discussion I sketched the unit circle and we wrote a few ordered pairs to remind ourselves that the x coordinate is the cosine of the angle and the y coordinate is the sine of the angle.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connection to Unit Circle
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Converting Parametric Equations

Unit 11: Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates
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Objective: SWBAT convert parametric equation to rectangular form.

Big Idea: We have three variables but we want two - how can that be done?

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