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Students who struggle to visualize abstract scientific concepts will benefit from even the most simple hands-on demonstrations.  This activity requires the students to use paper templates to compare the size of three different cubes and then complete the mathematical calculations to determine which size has the most optimal volume:surface area ratio.  The paper manipulatives provides the students the visual cue to support their understanding of the microscopic cells.  These paper models are critical to supporting students in their comparison of cell size and function.

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Does (Cell) Size Matter?

Unit 6: Cell Division
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Objective: SWBAT determine the most efficient size of a cell by examining the surface area to volume ratio and explain the need for cell division (mitosis).

Big Idea: What size of cell is the most efficient? Why do cells divide? Students examine models to develop their own claim as to whether "size matters".

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Science, Biology / Life Science, mitosis, Cells and Cellular Processes, meiosis, compare and contrast, models, cell size, ratios
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