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As we work to implement the NGSS into our existing science curriculum we will have successes and opportunities for improvement on a daily basis.  When I originally developed this activity, it was my primary goal to allow my students to conduct their student-led inquiry investigations.  Unfortunately, due to the timing of the year and standardized testing the students did not have time to conduct their investigations.  In an effort to share the students' collective ideas, each group shared their homeostasis inquiries in an informal class presentation.  

Overall, the activity was a success and the students really began thinking how feedback mechanisms are necessary to maintain homeostasis.  I will continue to build this activity in an effort for our students to see their ideas come to life in our classroom lab!

  Implementing NGSS Takes TIME!
  Problem-based Approaches: Implementing NGSS Takes TIME!
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Planning An Investigation

Unit 9: Comparative Anatomy and Dissections
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Objective: SWBAT collaborate, develop, and share their inquiry-based investigation to discover how feedback mechanisms helps to maintain homeostasis in the human body.

Big Idea: Now is your chance to bring it all together. Body systems + feedback mechanisms = Homeostasis!!!

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