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You've given your assessment and kids have either done well or poorly.  Now what?  For many years, this was the end of the process for me.  Now I design my units so that I have a SCHEDULED day after the test for review and extension.  I know that not every kid is going to do awesome and so I plan for it.  

The key to this strategy working is to set up your tests according to essential learning and grade tests quickly the day they are taken.  

I like to make my tests in a table so that kids have a defined working space.  This also gives me the chance to label each question with the appropriate standard and mark a grade.  See picture below.


One important aspect to setting up your tests is to think about redos.  You don't want to force kids to redo the entire test.  You simply want them to redo or rethink the concepts they are missing.  The easiest way to do this is to group concepts together.  

Once the tests are graded, you can make a master sheet that will give you info about each question. See picture below

 If there is a question that was almost universally missed, you want to address this through a whole class instructional moment.

If you have questions that somewhere between 30-50% of students missed it, you want to address this question in a large group community activity.

If 0-30% of students missed a question, this would be address in small groups with individual interventions.  

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Natural Selection in the Wild-Reteach/Extend

Unit 11: Adaptation: Natural Selection in the Wild
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Objective: Students will be able to show mastery of the concepts of adaptations and apply them to their own creature creation.

Big Idea: What adaptations would your creature have?

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