Reflection: High Expectations Day Two of Seth Gets All Shook Up! - Section 3: Guided Exploration


The title for this reflection comes from the idea that I am guessing it is probably what my students might be thinking.  I am an elementary school teacher.  It is in my fundamental nature to want to protect - to nurture.  However, I suspect that in my misguided attempts - what I end up doing is (cough! gasp!) lower my expectations.  It's true.  I don't want my little darlings to feel the sting of failure, so what I end up doing is botching the job altogether.  How can they reach for the stars, if I remove the tower, lest they be wounded in the process?  Teaching is much like parenting - walking the fine line between providing them the support to be grounded and the wings to fly.  

I counseled them before this investigation.  I told them it was really, really hard.  I told them that college students had done this.  And then I told them that I believed in them.  I told them that I knew they could work through it, that it wouldn't be easy, and that there would be tough parts.  I was really sick.  I had lost my voice and had bronchitis. So when I spoke - they had to listen.  And they did.  

And they amazed me.  I told them I knew they could do it, but in my heart of hearts, I was convinced that it would be a huge flop and they would need me to pick up the pieces, but they didn't need me at all.  That shouldn't have happened.  I shouldn't have been amazed.  I should have known all along that they could do this.  I learned a very important lesson about having appropriate expectations today - my students are capable of so much more than I give them credit for.  They do have wings to fly - they just need the space.

  Pass on the Expectations - Please!
  High Expectations: Pass on the Expectations - Please!
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Day Two of Seth Gets All Shook Up!

Unit 4: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
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Objective: SWBAT develop a model to describe how the geosphere interacts with at least one other Earth System.

Big Idea: What are the processes that occur at plate boundaries that cause the geosphere to interact with all of the other spheres on Earth? Students engage in a data rich activity over the course of 3 lessons to answer this question.

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