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I really believe in students using journals in all subjects and have spent lots of time really working on this with my students in science this year. Now as we get closer to the end of the year I am really seeing it pay off! My students are actually asking to take notes, they take good notes and draw great diagrams, and then reference their notes as they discuss their observations. This was not an easy road and it took lots of modeling and practice, but I am amazed at what my first graders are now able to do. Watch as one of my students discusses his answer and seamlessly references his journal to make sure his answer is accurate as he speaks. Here is an example of notes from one of my lower students!

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Using Journals with Purpose...Naturally!
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What Can You Balance?

Unit 10: Forces and Motion: Balance
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe balance using descriptions from media and their own experiences.

Big Idea: Students try to balance different objects and look for examples of balance in books and videos.

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Science, Motion, Forces and Newton's Laws, First Grade, 1.P.1.3 Predict the effect of a given force on the motion of an object, including balanced forces, Forces, Forces and Motion, balances
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