Reflection: Checks for Understanding Natural Resources...We All Use Them - Section 4: Wrap Up


This was an extremely fun lesson. The students enjoyed going out to the courtyard to gather natural resources for their cloths. Allowing the students to opportunity to share their cloths and the process of dying them gave me a chance as the instructor to identify the students who fully understood the process of using natural resources to dye materials.

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Natural Resources...We All Use Them

Unit 4: Natural Resources and Human Needs
Lesson 12 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to identify and explain how people in various parts of the world use natural resources to meet their needs and wants.

Big Idea: Students will learn bout natural dyes that are used to create paints.

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Science, invasive species, Dye, natural resources, pigment, food, habitats, fuel
  46 minutes
natural dyes
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