Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Lessons from Galileo - Section 3: Ed-Puzzle: Galileo in a Nutshell


At this point in the semester, students have experienced several interactive whiteboard sessions and have watched videos with pause points. I noticed that some students had trouble keeping up with the task. I will work on adding several question options at each pause point I also will try to post videos on our class wall either at the beginning of class or the night before so that students with processing challenges will have access to the material with enough time to process the information.

  Leveraging Technology
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Leveraging Technology
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Lessons from Galileo

Unit 2: Lessons from Galileo
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Objective: Students will create a multimedia presentation that investigates the scientific legacy of Galileo.

Big Idea: Thought experiments are an essential tool utilized by physicists throughout history.

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Science, Physical Science, velocity (Physics), Motion, physics, time, kinematics, uniform acceleration, position, velocity, linear motion
  80 minutes
galileo galilei
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