Reflection: Continuous Assessment Macromolecules, part 2-Murder and a Meal - Section 2: Content Review


Every well planned instruction included continuous assessment.  Assessment can occur in any number of ways and I like to use simple games as a way to engage my students in formative assessments.  Hands-on activities are effective in engaging students because they give them something to do as they think.  This activity is easy to create and implement in a lesson. My students tend to enjoy the hands-on activities and the opportunity to get out of the seats as evidenced by the level of engagement shown on the video clip.  Because I have established solid classroom management, I am free to plan activities like carousels that give students greater opportunity to for movement because I know that that I can trust them with the freedom to leave their seats.

  Engaging Instruction
  Continuous Assessment: Engaging Instruction
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Macromolecules, part 2-Murder and a Meal

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
Lesson 22 of 30

Objective: Students will plan a procedure for the identification of nutrients in food samples.

Big Idea: Case studies are a fun way to learn science.

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Science, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, case study, macromolecules, nutrients, food chemistry
  65 minutes
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