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Undoubtably, I needed to consider all reading levels when choosing the appropriate texts. I chose just below grade level because I wanted to avoid frustration. 4 to 5 people are at a table team and it worked really well. The larger print allowed good visibility when sitting in teams and sharing. My below grade level readers were able to keep up with the time limit because of the pictures, captions and mixed level readers in each table team. Good stuff! There is a multitude of levels of reading on the subject of bees. 

  Lesson Planning: Choosing the Right Text for this Activity
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Busy Bees

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
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Objective: Students will be able to understand specialized body parts of bees and their role in agricultural science.

Big Idea: Students research bees and how their specialized body parts help them in survival and contribute to the success of plant survival and reproduction.

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Science, plants, Processes (Construction), real world connections, KLEWS chart, external specialized parts, bees, jig sawing, Jigsaw, agricultural engineering, Reading Strategies, skim and scan, writing arguments, structures
  60 minutes
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