Reflection: Checks for Understanding Analyze Function of Words and Syntax - Section 2: Sharing Responses


The conversations students had during this part of the lesson were much better than the first day.  I was pleased to hear more academic discussions, and students debating and working out what the parts of speech and syntactical constructions were, including calling me over to clarify and ask questions, particularly about the word "down" (a tricky one!) and identifying clauses.  The formative assessment was that they really don't know phrases and clauses very well, so I was able to anticipate teaching those when we got to the group part.  They clearly got the hint the previous day that understanding the function of language is going to be important.  

  Grammar Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Grammar Understanding
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Analyze Function of Words and Syntax

Unit 1: The Function of Language
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize the function individual parts of speech and syntactical structures have for making meaning in a text through line by line analysis of a short poem.

Big Idea: Every word, and every placement of a word, has a role to play for making meaning.

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