Reflection: Checks for Understanding Day One of Plaid Pete and Friends Take a Field Trip to the Biosphere Reserve - Section 5: Reflection & Closure


I'm not sure what it is about one edge having a sticky substance that entices students to share their thinking and to take the risk to make a prediction or state a conclusion that they otherwise might not - but they do! There is something about Post-Its that are less threatening to students than a blank piece of paper. 

Post-Its are one of my favorite formative assessment tools.  Here are some ways I use them in Science:

  • Ask my students to write the one most important thing that they learned in today's investigation.
  • Ask my students to write the answer to a specific question.
  • Ask my students to make a prediction.
  • Ask my students to do a quick sketch of a vocabulary word.
  • Write a claim on the board and ask my students to provide one piece of supporting evidence.
  • Ask my students to make a claim on one side, and support with a piece of evidence on the back side.
  • Ask my students to construct a simple model or diagram.


I am sure that tomorrow I will think of a few more :)

  The Power of the Post-It!
  Checks for Understanding: The Power of the Post-It!
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Day One of Plaid Pete and Friends Take a Field Trip to the Biosphere Reserve

Unit 4: Plaid Pete is Modeling Earth's Systems
Lesson 4 of 15

Objective: SWBAT develop a model to describe how the biosphere interacts with at least one other Earth System.

Big Idea: What is ocean acidification? Students learn about acids and bases and use an indicator to help them understand what happens when carbon dioxide is dissolved in a liquid.

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