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This lesson was created for my students to have the opportunity to explore more about fruits and seeds.  The objective for this lesson was very broad.  I just wanted my students to have some hands-on exposure to different types of seeds and to develop an appreciation for all the different types of seed there are.

My students really enjoyed this lesson.  It actually took a lot longer than I thought because the students really liked looking at all the different kinds of seeds.  They were really surprised by the size and shape of several of the seeds.  After the lesson was over, I kept the seeds in our science center for a few days to allow more opportunity for exploration.

I think that sometimes we structure lessons too much.  Students need the opportunity to explore and make connections on their own.  This lesson really allowed my students to do this.  I am going to try to create more lessons  that allow for this type of exploration and to add more materials to the science center that allow for this type of exploration. 

  Lesson Planning: Exploration
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Fruit and Seeds-An Exploration

Unit 7: Planting
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to make predictions about the types of plants that come from various seeds by creating a book.

Big Idea: Wow!! So that is what's in that fruit! Students will get the opportunity to learn more about seed diversity in fruits!

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